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Humans of Scicomm

Humans of Scicomm is a Medium collection and platform for sharing untold stories of science communicators. We’re speaking to experts about the challenges they’ve faced entering the field due to their identities. If you’re interested in sharing your story, fill out our interest form below.

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You’ll be entering an online community of students curious about making complex topics engaging and accessible to the public and willing to step outside their comfort zone. In June, our team released a prompt for our community members to make projects about. You can view the projects here.

We welcome all students interested in using creative approaches and a variety of media to communicate complex topics.

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We’ve organized four events at MIT, Harvard, and Boston University. At our Makeathons, high schoolers make videos, podcasts, infographics, and other projects explaining technical topics to the public. We invite science journalists, museum exhibit designers, space librarians, medical illustrators, and other awesome, interdisciplinary folks to teach hands-on workshops and share their stories with attendees.

All students are welcome, especially those who aren’t interested in traditional STEM activities and careers.