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Science & Us is a youth-led organization based in greater Boston.

We teach high school students about science communication, or how to translate complex topics to diverse audiences in engaging ways.

We raise awareness about cross-disciplinary STEM careers, such as science media and policy, that are rarely mentioned in school.

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Summer 2018 Workshop

June 9, 2018 | Boston University

Forty high school students attended our first event, which featured interactive presentations, hands-on workshops, and a career panel with scientist and communicators from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tufts University, Boston University, and STAT.

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Winter 2018 Workshop

This winter, we're introducing a new model that emphasizes giving students opportunities to create their own science communication pieces, learn by doing, and deepen their understanding of a topic of interest.

Before the event, accepted participants will draft the beginnings of their work, whether it's the first paragraph of an article, storyboard sketches of a video, or another medium. Our workshop will have sessions, led by practitioners and experts in various fields, to help students develop and ultimately share their work.

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Coming soon: Interview series on unique, exciting, and interdisciplinary STEM careers