Making the complex compelling

We teach high schoolers science communication skills and about careers bridging STEM and society.

Translate tough but important STEM topics to non-experts

Pollution. Cybersecurity. Healthcare costs. Today's most pressing issues all involve STEM, but matter to people far beyond science and engineering. Understanding scientific thinking has become crucial, but not everyone needs (or wants) to be a scientist. That's where science communication—explaining complex topics in engaging, accessible ways to diverse audiences—comes in.

High School Workshop

Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Building 3 / Saturday, December 8, 2018

Whether you're passionate about biology or filmmaking, math or creative writing, you're welcome to join us! At our biannual workshops, we help 30-40 high schoolers create their own science communication works.

Learn how to communicate big ideas to diverse audiences using different platforms, such as articles, animations, podcasts, and interactive webpages. You'll make new friends and receive one-on-one feedback and guidance from experts from MIT, Harvard, STAT News, and more!


Who can apply?

Any high school student (including homeschool) with any interests, not only in STEM! We may allow middle schoolers on a case-by-case basis. Undergraduates and anyone older can apply to volunteer.

Wait, I have to apply?

Yep. We don’t want to exclude people, but we want to make sure that the students who attend are dedicated and willing to be creative. Don’t worry if you aren’t a science geek or don’t have the most impressive accomplishments—show us that you can commit to pushing the limits of your comfort zone for at least this one day.

When is this happening?

Saturday, December 8. The exact hours will be posted soon, but approximately 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

Where is this happening?

33 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA. This is Building 3 at MIT and we’ll mainly meet in Room 270. For more information, visit

Who are the workshop leaders and speakers?

Really, really great people. Stay tuned for announcements and check out our past speakers!

When’s the deadline to sign up?

November 17. Apply now!

How will this work?

You’re going to create your own science communication project! That means anything that makes a STEM topic understandable and interesting. It can be an article, video, podcast, website, or anything else. Accepted students will be expected to do some research beforehand (we’ll send out more detailed instructions and resources), and our talented, down-to-earth experts will help you create, improve, and share your piece.

Will there be food?

Yes. We’ll ask if participants have any dietary restrictions.

Will this be fun?

Yes. Hopefully. It will challenge you, but you’ll meet amazing people, make new friends, and learn a lot.

Past Speakers

Science & Us in the Community

Our team members have been invited to ComSciCon (national science communication workshop for and by graduate students) and Science Media Awards and Summit in the Hub 2018 (SMASH18), in both cases as unprecedented high school participants.

Our presentation proposal for Science Talk, a science communication conference in Portland, recently got selected as a finalist! We also finished in 5th Place in the first-ever Pioneer tournament and have been feature in The Lowell Sun. Have a cool opportunity in mind? Let us know at!