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what matters to them

About Us

Our Mission

Whether you love art, astrophysics, or anything in between, science impacts your life and the issues you care about. That means we need a better bridge between science… and us. Science and Us is a youth-led nonprofit dedicated to building that bridge. Learn more

Science and Us participants at a table at our first event laughing, with social issues on the board in the background

Attendees at December 2018 event making stop motion animations with Play-doh

Join us at our Makeathon

On August 17, 2019, at Harvard, we’re hosting a free Makeathon for middle and high school students from any school.

We invite awesome, down-to-earth experts to help you create articles, podcasts, and art communicating STEM topics. By the end of the day, you’ll have a cool project to take home, plus a couple new friends (not to take home).

Did we mention? There’s also free food!

Post-event information coming soon.