Making the complex compelling

We teach high schoolers science communication skills and about careers bridging STEM and society.

Translate tough but important STEM topics to non-experts

Pollution. Cybersecurity. Healthcare costs. Today's most pressing issues all involve STEM, but matter to people far beyond science and engineering. Understanding scientific thinking has become crucial, but not everyone needs (or wants) to be a scientist. That's where science communication—explaining complex topics in engaging, accessible ways to diverse audiences—comes in.

The Workshop Experience

Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Saturday, December 8, 2018

Whether you're passionate about biology or filmmaking, math or creative writing, you're welcome to join us! At our biannual workshops, we help 40-50 high schoolers (from any school) create their own science communication works.

Learn how to communicate big ideas to diverse audiences using different platforms, including articles, videos/animations, interactive webpages, and illustrations. You'll make new friends and receive one-on-one feedback and guidance from workshop leaders from MIT, Harvard, STAT News, and more!

Call for Workshop Leaders & Volunteers

Support opportunities for youth in science communication

Thousands of programs bring STEM to high school students, but few, if any, focus on science communication and developing interdisciplinary perspectives toward STEM and society.

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