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We organize free events for high schoolers within driving distance of Boston, with two goals in mind:

  1. Helping students make media projects that explain STEM topics to various audiences
  2. Helping students meet people in careers connecting STEM, society, and the public

Hands-on activities are the most direct way for students to understand the challenges and rewards of making STEM accessible and interesting. More importantly, it empowers them to approach, understand, and even teach difficult topics in any context.

Past Sponsors

Our events wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our supporters. We’ve received sponsorship from Science in the News and the Harvard/MIT COOP, as well as donations from Nathan Sanders and Jeff DelViscio.

Student Projects

Past Workshop Leaders & Panelists

Ainara Sistiaga Ainara Sistiaga

Alyson Warr Alyson Warr

Athanasios Athanassiadis Athanasios Athanassiadis

Daina Bouquin Daina Bouquin

Dana Boebinger Dana Boebinger

Fatima Husain Fatima Husain

Florcy Romero Florcy Romero

Gabriela Serrato Marks Gabriela Serrato Marks

Jeffery DelViscio Jeffery DelViscio

Karen Weintraub Karen Weintraub

Kelsey Tysowsski Kelsey Tysowsski

Marc Abrahams Marc Abrahams

Mariah Tinger Mariah Tinger

Mary O’Reilly Mary O'Reilly

Meg Rosenburg Meg Rosenburg

Paul Berkman Paul Berkman

Wade Roush Wade Roush

Wei Sun Leong Wei Sun Leong

Past Event Recaps

December 8, 2018

June 9, 2018