Join our team!

What we do (and don’t do)

Science and Us is a youth-led nonprofit helping middle and high school students do 2 things:

  1. Communicate STEM (science, technology, engineering, math)

  2. Discover careers connecting STEM and the public (examples: creating videos and art about STEM, educating visitors at science museums and zoos, developing research-backed laws, and reporting about STEM in the news)

We do not directly encourage students to learn or pursue STEM. We believe that understanding STEM is essential to making informed decisions, since it impacts all of us, but celebrate the reality that not everyone needs (or wants) to be a scientist.

We help youth find a place and appreciation for STEM in their lives, whatever their interests are.

Who we’re looking for

The 3 most important qualities in potential team members are:

  1. Genuine motivation to help others! If you’re looking for something easy to add to your resume or help you get into college, this ain’t it, chief.

  2. Consistent time commitment and communication! This means dedicating at least 3 hours a week and being responsive to messages in our team Slack workspace.

  3. Willingness to learn and improve!

We’re especially looking for people with any of the following skills: fundraising, writing, social media, marketing, graphic design, curriculum development, and video production.

High school and college students from around the world are welcome to apply.

Our impact so far

We organized 2 events at Boston University (June 2018) and MIT (December 2018), helping a total of 65 students learn about STEM communication skills and careers through presentations, panels, and hands-on workshops.

We’ve built a strong relationship with the science communication community. We’ve presented at Science Talk in Portland, OR, and been invited to ComSciCon and the Science Media Summit in Boston, MA.

Our events have featured 18 invited guests from Harvard, MIT, Tufts, Boston University, STAT News, and The Boston Globe, as well as several freelancers. They’re professors, journalists, educators, diplomats, artists, graduate students, and more. We’ve received sponsorship from Harvard Science in the News, Harvard/MIT COOP, Boston University, and several individual donors.